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200 Government Dapertments

Government departments is a sector of a national or state government that deals with a particular area of interest.

250 State Owned Enterprises / Public Entities

A state-owned enterpris is a legal entity, created by government in order to partake in commercial activities on government’s behalf.

250 District / Local Municipalities

Municipalities are single administrative divisions, governing or ruling bodies of government for the given districts.



Department of Labour

Department of Employment and Labour is the department responsible for matters related to employment, industrial relations, job creation, unemployment insurance and corporate health and safety.


Department of Higher Eduation and Training

Department of Higher Education and Training is one of the departments of the South African geovernment, overseeing universities and other education in South Africa.


Office of the Public Service Commission

The Public Service Commission is the department of government that deals with energy, telecommunications, and water. A multi-member board responsible for the regulation of utilities.


Department of Public Service Administration

Department of Public Service and Administration is a government department of South Africa, and is esponsible for the organisation and administration of civil services.


National School of Government

The National School of Government (NSG) is a state training institution tasked to build public sector capacity, implement government developmental agendas, and realising sustainable development outcomes.


Centre for Public Service Innovation

The Centre for Public Service Innovation (CPSI). An government entity responsible for the innovation, sustainability, and responsive models for improved service delivery in South Africa.

South African Government

South Africa is a country on the southernmost tip of the African continent, and the National Government of South Africa is comprised of Parlaiment, Cabinet and various Departments which carry out the functions as they are outlined in the Constitution and Legislation enforced by Parliament.

Advertised Jobs / Vacancies

Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development

Arts and Culture

Basic Education

Civilian Secretariat for Police

Commission on Gender Equality

Communications and Digital Technologies

Cooperative Governance

Correctional Services

Defence (website under construction)

Employment and Labour


Foresty, Fisheries and Environment

Government Communication and Information System


Higher Education and Training

Home Affairs

Human Settlements

Independent Police Investigative Directorate

International Relations and Cooperation

Justice and Constitutional Development

Military Veterans

Mineral Resources

National School of Government

National Treasury

Office of the Chief Justice

Parliament of South Africa

Performance Monitoring and Evaluation

Public Enterprises

Public Service and Administration

Public Service Commission

Public Works and Infrastructure

Statistics SA

Sport and Recreation

Social Development

Small Business Development

SA Revenue Service

SA Police Service

Telecommunications and Postal Services

The Presidency



Trade, Industry and Competition

Traditional Affairs

Water Affairs and Sanitation

Women (website under construction)

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